Connected Light Alarm


Wake up lights are also known as sunrise simulators.
They simulate the sunrise as the light slowly increases in brightness and intensity.
This gently prepares your body for waking up.
The alarm function is supported by an additional acoustic signal.
This alarm can also help you to get to sleep.
The light dims its brightness and intensity and gently accompanies you into a state of rest.


Fall asleep naturally and wake up gently with simulations of sunrise and sunset | With fall-asleep and wake-up melodies to support the sleep rhythm | Simulated color sunrise and sunset | Choose between radio, alarm, 2 wake-up melodies and 1 sleep melody | LED mood lighting with color change and individual color setting | 2 adjustable alarm times | 30 radio memory spaces | Adjustable light intensity (3 light levels) | Adjustable display brightness | Snooze function 1–30 mins | Can be used as a night lamp | Aux input to play your own music (incl. aux cable) | Playback of music via Bluetooth® streaming | Light source not replaceable | Play your own music | Can be used as a reading lamp | Number of alarm times – 2 | Number of alarm sounds – 1 | Wake-up melodies – 2 | Simulated sunrise and sunset | Mood light with change of color